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January 29, 2016 

A new Year for us all! January is such an interesting month, with snow and cold driving many indoors, but also the best time to 'dream' of the coming year.

2016 Breeding plans are underway, which is always exciting. So far plans include DW LeaveUbreathless being bred to Maranello, while we are on the fence about Innishfael Cleopatra and Innishfael Dove. I think we will wait and see what we get with our Maranello cross in a few months before we decide between Maranello and Innishfael Splash. Our new pony, REI Ebony Kisses will be bred to a lovely black Arabian stallion that we will disclose as Spring approaches. Our purebred black mare, Innishfael Tigana, will be bred to Innishfael Dragon. I have to say that 2017 will be another of those hugely exciting foaling years for me, if the universe allows!

As we look forward to our new arrivals and breeding plans, we also have to acknowledge two losses in 2015. Late November we lost Innishfael Pearl, her crippled foot would no longer hold her and we made the tough decision to let her go. Then just before New Years we lost Innishfael Sinead to a freak accident resulting in a broken leg. These two mares brought us great joy and I still look for their faces every day. May they gallop in heaven and enjoy being pain-free. Winter is also a very good time to work with the weanlings, and our fillies have been handled every day. It is so nice to have short everyday training sessions with them - leading, tying, desentitizing with ropes and towels, and other small things are fun to work with them. Soon Innishfael Belle will start her show halter lessons as our hope is to show her a little bit at the Pinto shows this year.

Speaking of shows, we are scoping out our show plans for 2016 and will probably be updating our Show Page next month. Please check back for that.

Also, please consider one of our stallions for your mare for this Spring. We are updating Maranello's video this weekend and the new one will be posted on this site and also on Facebook next week. Innishfael Farm has a Facebook Page that you can visit for updated photos of many of our horses.

As always, thank you for visiting Innishfael!


New Members of the Innishfael Family

September 2014
Innishfael Hilda joins the Innishfael tribe. Hilda is a palomino overo miniature mare. We have not measured her yet, but expect she will fall into the Class B miniature category. She will be registered pinto and while we have not decided her future plans yet, she is an adorable addition.

August 2014 - Splash of Padron, 2011 Purebred Pinto colt. Splash has his own page now, find as a sub-page under "Our Boys"!

April 2014
Innishfael Sinead (Maranello x Innishfael Nala) returns to Innishfael Farm. Sinead is all grown up and a lovely tall mare. She is here on lease and we are thrilled to be able to use her in our program temporarily.


January 2014
SS Kings Little Glo joins Innishfael. Glo is a 2012 AQHA filly, Perlino in color. Please check back for photos of Glo's progress as she grows up!
Kings Little Glo
Kings Little Glo

June 2013
The fabulous Maranello comes to Innishfael! Check out his page for more photos and information.


February 2013
Innishfael Pearl came to us. These photos are more recent, she has gained quite a bit of weight and condition since we purchased her. Her future with us is to be a broodmare.

 July 2012
We introduce Innishfael Thelma! Thelma is a miniature mare, about 30 inches tall. She will be registered Pinto and will be Innishfael Dragon's travelling buddy for the shows. Not only that, but Thelma has already earned her keep by being weaning buddy for the weanlings here. Isn't she darling?